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I learned today that my great aunt Delphine has cancer. She's done a lot for me, and she may lose her life to the same disease that took my grandma.

As if the chance of losing her weren't enough, I don't know if I can handle losing someone else to this...

The odds are in her favor, and the doctors' outlook is optimistic, but I'm still scared. I don't know how to handle this...

I just.

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Today I received word that my great aunts' cat was hit by a car.

His name was Buffy. He was a proud, long-lived cat, who had lived for a very long time. So long, that I remember growing up, and seeing Buffy whenever I visited my aunts at their home. He was part of my childhood, part of my siblings' childhood... part of our family.

Buffy was somewhat aloof, but he was also self reliant, strong, and determined. When his constant companion Blackie died several years ago, he would come to be an older brother to my aunts' new cat, Prince. Prince never really replaced Blackie for Buffy or my aunts, but they accepted him as part of the family.

Buffy was also self reliant, and prowled my aunts' large yard, keeping the local cats' and the moles that afflicted our aunts' yard in line. He was an outside cat, but he always returned to their porch faithfully. He was a cat that didn't always like to be petted, but somehow you always got the impression he saw you as an equal.

Goodbye Buffy. You were, and always will be, part of my family.
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... my dad is in the hospital.

It's just appendicitis, but he's having surgery done.

And dad is at risk of complications at times like that, even if it's routine.

*fret fret fret*


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