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Touma H. Norstein Soul Campaign Application

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Name: Touma H. Norstein
Age: 15 (actual age assuming the series takes place over the course of a year)
Gender: Male
Canon: Digimon Savers
Timeline: Post-series, pre-epilogue

Character History:
Touma was the illegitimate son of a man named Franz Norstein, who belonged to a prominent European family, and a Japanese woman. Initially raised by his mother, she was tragically killed after being hit by a truck. Touma was taken in by his father's family, but was not acknowledged as a true Norstein until the birth of his sister, Relena. Because Relena was diagnosed with an illness from birth, she was unsuitable to be an heir, and thus, Touma was accepted as a full Norstein in order to continue the family line. For the next few years, Touma worked hard at his studies, making it known that he was a child prodigy. Touma entered university at a young age, and excelled at athletic endeavors too, becoming an Olympic-level boxer before becoming fourteen. Touma's goal eventually became to be a doctor, so he could cure his sister's illness.

This wasn't all, however. Touma also became the partner of a creature called Gaomon, a being from a place known as the Digital World. Through this, Touma became a member of an organization called DATS, who were working to stop digimon incursions into the real world. As a member of DATS, he gained comrades in Fujieda Yoshino and her partner Lalamon, the subordinate of Rentarou Satsuma and his partner, Kudamon, and the object of the affections of Miki and Megumi, two of DATS' operation coordinators. After an absence from the Japanese branch, he returned to find the group had acquired a new member as well: a young street fighter by the name of Daimon Masaru, and his partner Agumon. Touma and Masaru initially butted heads, but then soon bonded in an effort to defeat a digimon known as Drimogemon.

After a series of isolated incidents, the DATS team and Touma were drawn into the Digital World through events involving a human boy named Ikuto, who seemed to have been raised by digimon, and his master, Mercuremon. In their investigation into the Digital World, Touma was forced to relive the death of his mother courtesy of a digimon called MetalPhantomon. Touma and Gaomon defeated him, accessing Gaomon's Perfect form of MachGaogamon in the process. Eventually, they discovered that Mercuremon was not planning hostilities into the human world, and that the cause of the numerous events were the work of a genocidal mad man named Akihiro Kurata. Kurata managed to kill Mercuremon, and the DATS team and Ikuto were branded traitors and had their memories erased. Thankfully, their partners were able to escape and restore their memories, and they returned to the Digital World to fight against Kurata, who had begun killing digimon and harvesting their life energy.

Eventually, the group managed to unlock their digimon's Ultimate forms, with Gaomon becoming MirageGaogamon. Touma also became targeted by one of Kurata's minions: a “Bio Hybrid” named Nanami who had the ability to become a digimon. While defending a place known as Eldoradimon (a digimon with a city on its back) from Kurata's forces, Nanami successfully managed to make Touma doubt his abilities and his friendship with Masaru. ElDoradimon was eventually transported to the human world and destroyed, giving Kurata the life energy he needed. Around this time, Touma was confronted by his father... as well as Kurata himself, who urged Touma to betray his comrades...

Which he did. Touma attacked Masaru, causing his friend to explode in anger and transform his digimon into his “Ruin Mode”, which eventually led to Agumon's death. In reality, Touma was merely keeping up appearances, as he knew Kurata had placed a bomb around his sister's neck. Under Kurata's orders, Touma created a device that would allow Kurata to control the thing he was collecting life energy for: an ancient, dormant digimon named Belphemon. Once Touma assured his sister's safety, he turned on Kurata, destroying the device and rejoining his comrades. Kurata had one ace up his sleeves, however, and merged himself with Belphemon. Ultimately, it was Masaru who struck Kurata down, along with the reborn Agumon who had assumed his true final form: Burst Mode.

However, in Kurata's final moments, he activated a bomb that tore apart the boundary between worlds, creating a crisis where the real and Digital Worlds threatened to collide. In an effort to stop this, they journeyed to the Digital World's “god”, Yggdrasil, only to find out two shocking facts: Yggdrasil had possessed the body of Masaru's father, Suguru, and that he intended to destroy the human world in order to save the Digital World. Yggdrasil soon unleashed his Royal Knights on the human world, including one LordKnightmon, who threatened an airport where Relena and Touma's father were currently located. In order to save them, Touma not only came to terms with his father, but activated MirageGaogamon's Burst Mode, defeating the Royal Knight. From there, they rejoined Masaru and the others, who eventually defeated Yggdrasil and saved both worlds.

Ultimately, however, DATS decided to close the gate between the two worlds, and Gaomon decided to return to the Digital World in order to spread what he'd learned, separating himself and Touma... for the time being. With his work with DATS done, Touma returned to his studies, and his efforts to cure his sister.

Character Personality: At first glance, Touma appears to be a typical aristocrat or intellectual snob. He's sure of his abilities, knowledgeable of his position, and seems to look down on others who he perceives as inferior. The truth of the matter is, Touma is actually rather humble, and any contempt he shows towards people of lower station or intelligence is if they show unjustified arrogance themselves. When he speaks about his superiority, it's against someone he feels has proven themselves to be boorish and ignorant in challenge towards him. To put it simply, he only “calls it as it is”, and believes in hard work and fair play, only using his prestige when absolutely the situation calls for it.

That said, since Masaru entered his life, this aspect of his personality has considerably lessened. He's now much more open and friendly, and willing to give individuals that don't live up to his normally high standards. He still doesn't suffer fools, but he's willing to be more open to the idea that his first impression isn't necessarily the right one.

In addition to being intelligent in both the medical and technological fields, Touma is also an excellent tactician. His pragmatic personality allows him to objectively determine the best way to handle a situation. That said, he's also learned to rely on instinct as well, though he's nowhere near as proficient as this as his more hot blooded comrades, so he relies more on his personal strengths. The advantage that this change has afforded him is greater flexibility than he would have had otherwise. However, when his carefully laid plans end up going awry, Touma tends to find himself frustrated. He normally has grace under fire, but if a situation spirals too far out of control, then he will find himself feeling overwhelmed with his effectiveness marginalized.

Touma is also a realist when it comes to most situations, which is ironic considering all of the amazing things he went through regarding digimon. Even then, he was able to determine a scientific aspect to things, and given his background as an intellectual, he approaches most situations with the same kind of focus and fervor. Being rational minded, he's more than likely to be put off by the... everything of the Soul Eater world, and try to understand it in scientific terms. It's not to say he doesn't respect the metaphysical or things that he can't immediately understand (he does believe in the power of emotions after all), but it's not his first thought when something enters his mind, and thus, he tends to struggle with things he cannot fully comprehend.

Due to being an illegitimate son and not initially accepted by his family, Touma has an intense drive to prove himself. He's worked hard since he was a young boy, and his extreme intelligence is as much a result of hard work and persistence as it is natural born talent. He has pride in being a Norstein, but this pride comes from his bond with his sister and his own confidence on himself, and as such, Touma can be somewhat cold in regards to his family. Their relationship has improved a great deal, but nevertheless, that drive remains, and influences everything he does. More often than not, Touma likes to understand as much as he can about a situation, and will work diligently until he achieves that.

Touma is incredibly close to his sister, Relena, who after the death of his mother was the closest family member he had. His love for both of them leads to him both respecting the bond between siblings and mother and child, as well as being intensely jealous of it. Inversely, his strained relationship with his father has made it difficult to understand fatherly relationships, and as such, he's never had a mentor or father figure he can look up to, which is a factor in his self reliance. His memories of his mother and Relena are both precious to him, and using either to manipulate him are an easy way to invoke his anger.

Speaking of which, Touma can be coldly terrifying when he's angered. He has shown this against both MetalPhantomon and LordKnightmon, revealing that when pushed to his limit or when he has something to protect, there's nothing that he will allow to stand in his way.

Character Abilities you would like to expand on further:
Touma is an Olympic-level boxer, and is more than capable of holding his own in a fight. That said, otherwise, he's a normal human being, with extremely above average intelligence and in good physical condition. In canon, he has the ability to summon digi-soul, but without contact with Digimon, this is irrelevant.

Character Weaknesses you would like to expand on further:
Touma's nature will make it difficult for him to assimilate into a world as... unique as this one, which may limit his effectiveness at first. However, once he grows more used to it, this will disappear. Once again, the above note about plans not always working out applies, and the memories of his family can be an easy target for anyone with abilities involving the mind.


What abilities will your character retain in Soul Campaign?.
Touma has no superhuman abilities, so he doesn't retain something he doesn't have.

What weaknesses will your character lose or gain in Soul Campaign? Bullet-form is fine.
Touma has no particular physical weaknesses beyond being a normal human, so he neither gains nor loses any weaknesses.

The wish Death the Kid made to the BREW in 2009 was to “rescue Death City and stop the waves of Madness from overtaking the world.” By whatever means necessary. Pretend you are the BREW. Why would you choose to bring this character to Death City?
Touma has assisted in saving the world in his own universe, and with his intelligence and rational mind, he'd be an excellent choice to help fight the spread of madness.

If your character has difficulty verbally communicating or can’t verbally communicate at all (mute or non-humanoid), elaborate on how this will be treated in the game. (Skip if this doesn’t apply)


Why is your character a Meister and not a Weapon?
OOC Preference. Touma is a tactical-minded individual, and he does best in situations where he can have some control. While I realize the Meister does not control the weapon per se, it's more a matter of how involved he can be in a combat situation in either role. As a Meister, he would be in a better position to use his personal strengths. He's trained as a physical fighter, and thus, would be an effective Meister after proper training with a weapon.

What is your character’s Meister Ability? Why?
  • Soul Bandaid: Chosen to reflect Touma's ability as a doctor and his desire to help people.
  • Soul Coordinate: Touma is an effective tactician, and increasing the resonance abilities between groups would aid in that.
  • Soul Experience: Touma is a prodigy, so being able to use his Soul Resonance easily would be evocative of that.


    Describe your character’s soul with six adjectives.
    Focused, determined, sensible, intelligent, pragmatic, caring

    What does your character’s soul look like? Be creative.
    Touma's soul is blue in color and has an appearance that resembles his face, lacking facial features (of course) and having a stylized version of his haircut.

    [ SAMPLES ]

    Provide a First Person style sample in the form of a post to the DEMISE network. [text]

    My name is Touma H. Norstein. It seems I've been brought here - against my will, I might add - as many of you have.

    I'd like to request information. This is all very foreign to me, and I cannot begin to understand what I am to do here without greater clarification that was given to me when I arrived here.

    Furthermore, this is a long shot, but if anyone is familiar with a Daimon Masaru, Fujieda Yoshino, Rentarou Satsuma, Noguchi Ikuto, or anyone who has spoken of association with creatures known as “Digital Monsters”, I'd like to be informed. If I've been brought here there's a reasonable chance they may have been as well.

    Provide a Third Person sample set during the last minutes on their world and/or their first few moments in the Kishin Chamber (http://soul-mods.dreamwidth.org/3401.html). The last thing Touma remembered, he had been studying. He was making progress in attaining his doctorate, which he was certain he'd gain by the end of the year. Furthermore, the private research he was putting into curing Relena's disease was finally starting to bear fruit. Gaomon may have been gone, but that didn't change the fact that he had a lot to do, or that he still remembered the partner that had stood by him and encouraged him so much.

    Then that all changed. He found his world replaced by blackness, and then found himself in a room that looked like part of a Japanese shrine. Soon after investigating, he found a television set, with a red-haired man explaining everything that had happened to him and what the situation was. If not for everything that had happened in the Digital World, Touma wouldn't have believed it, and considered it to be an elaborate con. That wasn't necessarily ruled out, of course, but at the same time...

    Touma looked down at the smooth, mirror-like device that he'd been given upon being escorted out of the chamber. It didn't look like any kind of technology he'd seen before, but apparently it had use as a communication tool. The principle seemed to be similar to that of the smart phones that telecommunication companies were developing, however.

    Only one way to know for sure... he said to himself, before taking the only option given to him.

    [ NOTES ]
    Any extra notes you may have go here.

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