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So, I decided I'd start to introduce my various City of Heroes characters and their backgrounds. Here's five that I worked on today. Note that I have a lot of alts, so this may take a while...

Archetype: Blaster
Powers: Beam Rifle/Electricity Manipulation
Alignment: Villain (eventually Rogue)

Profile: Nichole Tesla, better known by her alias "Electrocutiona", is in reality, a time travelling criminal from an alternate future where the Coming Storm never occurred. Though a genius, she was bored with what she percieved to be a stagnant, unimaginative world, and decided to travel back to a point in time where things were more "exciting."

Don't let her rough appearance fool you. Electrocutiona is as brilliant as she is beautiful. She developed technology that turned her into a living dynamo, as well as the "Electron Destabilization Gun" she uses as a weapon. Said gun is powered by her own electrical charge, and can break down bonds between electrons and other components of matter, effectively causing her victims to disintegrate.

Electrocutiona can also use her electrical powers in ways that do not involve her weapon, making her a very unpredictable combatant. Be warned - she may have the personality of a party girl, but those facts accompany a keen mind that considers her depraved acts "exciting."

Countess Chrona
Archetype: Mastermind
Powers: Robotics/Time Manipulation
Alignment: Hero

Profile: Once a humble chambermaid in Victorian London, Susan Newman became changed forever when she discovered the technology invented by her employer, Lord Wilson Lambert. He had invented time travel, and offered Susan the chance to come with him as his companion. Susan accepted, and they went on a journey together... only for Lord Lambert to be violently killed by the strange creatures native to the first time period they visited.

Though initially out of her depth, Susan rose to the occassion and not only saved herself, but acceled in the use of Lambert's technology. Using the "Gaia Gears" worn on her shoulders, which harness temporal energy, and the guiding system incorporated to her "backpack", she has ventured across time and space, and visited hundreds of different timestreams. She's even picked up scientific skills, and developed a cadre of robots that she stores in a personal Chronosphere and can call upon at any time.

No longer a naive, impoverished Victorian woman, she's now Countess Chrona!

Powers: Street Justice/Invulnerability
Alignment: Hero

Profile: Originally a steam powered boxing robot, the "fabulous mechanical kangaroo" was nothing more than a travelling attraction. It would go up against human boxers, briefly appear to win, and then mysteriously "break down", allowing its opponent to claim an easy victory.

However, during World War 2, "Mekangaroo"'s potential as a combatant was realized, and it was refitted for combat alongside naturally born heroes. When the war was over, it was mothballed and stored in a museum.

Flash-forward to recent times, when said museum was the target of a protecting racket by the Family. The museum's curator, the grandson of the man who constructed Mekangaroo, rebuilt him using modern technology, turning him on the Family and bringing that arm of the crime syndicate to justice.

Now possessing a mind of his own and a heart eager to learn what it means to be a hero, Mekangaroo hops the streets of Paragon dispensing an old timey brand of street justice!

(Note - the 2nd costume represents his original appearance)

Calamity the Kid
Powers: Dual Pistols/Darkness Manipulation
Alignment: Rogue

Profile: In the days of the Old West, Belius Bahl was a notorious outlaw. From Texas to Colorado, he perpetrated crime after crime, escaping with his ill gotten gains every time. But eventually, even Belius's luck ran out, and on one last job, he found himself dying from a bullet wound.

That would have been the end of Belius Bahl, if not for the Faustian deal offered to him by the demon Desparr'a'do. He would save Belius's life, and grant him new power, in exchange for the outlaw's soul. This proved to be the mistake of Desparr'a'do's so-called immortal life, as the very first thing Belius did with his demonic powers was not only steal his soul back, but all of the demon's power as well.

For over a century now, Belius Bahl has continued his now immortal life of crime, reborn as the demonic gunslinger known far and wide as "Calamity the Kid."

The Nemean Chimera
Powers: Fiery Melee/Dark Armor
Alignment: Villain

Profile: The Nemean Lion. The Roc. The centaur Nessus. The Hydra. All of them fearsome beasts in their own right. Then, one day, someone decided to use a combination of science and magic to create a modern-day chimera of these mythical beasts, using recovered samples from various forays into the mysteries of The Well.

This went about as well as one might expect. The resulting monstrosity turned upon its masters, raging out of control. It was only by binding it in mystical chains that the beast was able to be subdued, sealing the majority of its strength and powers and trapping it in a weakened form.

But this "Nemean Chimera" has since escaped, and is now active in the Rogue Isles. With the Nemean Lion's strength and durability, the Roc's power of flight, Nessus's speed, and the Hydra's regeneration and draconic abilities, it is a formidable monster indeed. However, the combination of these powers have also made the Chimera self aware, and now, it's slowly learning...

Edit 1 - Updated with Tawnya Lyons, Scarlet Firebug, Fossa Fatale, and Cap'n Super Dracula

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