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So to kick things off, I thought I'd tell you guys what I'm working on as far as writing goes. These are all fan-fiction projects:

Transformers Animated: Pros & Cons: Finally going to finish this. It tells the story of Swindle after the events of the episode "Decepticon Air" and his run in with criminals, low-lives, and a certain group called the Wreckers.

Transformers Animated: Expanded Universe: All stories to come after "Pros and Cons", set in my vision of the Transformers Animated universe. I'm starting over fresh with my stories with that as the starting point, and revising the story points I used in my earlier stories "Return to Cybertron" and "The Sincerest Form of Flattery", which are now non-canonical to my stories.

Digimon Zone: An original series based on the Digimon franchise. In this series, the Digital World is an on-line community where Digimon exist as personal companions for human users. However, a young boy named Okamoto Tadaharu and his partner Rebelmon are about to discover things aren't quite what they seem...

Digimon Cross Tamers: An alternate take on the multi-season crossover concept being hinted at in the current Digimon series. While battling a digimon, Yuu, Tagiru, and Taiki are drawn into a strange phenomenon that puts them in a world they've never seen before, with people they've never met. Old villains return to play a game with our heroes, but what is the truth behind this unprecedented meeting?

Various Digimon Projects with [personal profile] mugennoken: I can't get into specifics, but he and I have some plans for this fandom cooking up in our heads. :) I hope you'll enjoy them when we release them.

The Spectacular Spider-man - Season 3: This needs a better title. In general, a continuation of the series that was cancelled before its time, drawing on plot threads that were left dangling and building up new ones.

And finally...

An original Sentai series conceived by me. In the Kingdom of Albion, five knights from the Crimson, Azure, Rose, Jade, and Amber Kingdoms unite to fight the Dark Kingdom, who are beginning to encroach upon our world. Fighting ith the power of their Heraldic Beasts, they are the Knight Task Force Braveranger!

And that's what I have coming down the pipe. :)

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